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20:32, 12 September 2021 Double head gua sha roller gua sha scraper.jpg (file) 104 KB Beautyskin Does a gua sha give you a jawline? Gua sha is an ancient Chinese massage technique that involves using pressure to scrape away at the skin. All you need is to employ a [bian stone gua sha]( 1
20:20, 12 September 2021 5-variant-jade-roller-guasha-natural-massager-for-face-gouache-scraper-for-face-massager-scraper-for-face-microniddle-roller-face-gua-sha 1800x1800.png (file) 327 KB Beautyskin Jade is the stone of "eternal youth" that has been revered in Japanese and Chinese cultures for years to maintain a youthful appearance. Jade gua sha kit has everything you need to start gently massaging your body. With a jade roller at its core, a [... 1
20:16, 12 September 2021 Jade Guasha Scraper Thin Face Lift.jpg (file) 21 KB Beautyskin Looking for a quick and easy way to sculpt your chin? Look no further than this at-home massage treatment, which uses ancient Chinese scraping techniques to reduce under-the-chin fat and smooth your skin. There is no doubt that the double chin is a dis... 1