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At this time, formatter 56 extracts info indicating “the sample position of the audio info sample position at the I-picture show begin time at the head of a VOBU and how many packs this audio pack goes again close to the position of a video pack” . In a DVD video (DVD-ROM) disc, the recording location of a video object is about by a logical block quantity as a file entry. In this case, when address conversion desk ACT shown in FIG.

Time map information TMAPI contains time map basic info TMAP_GI, a quantity of time entries TM_ENT#1 to TM_ENT#r, and a quantity of VOBU entries VOBU_ENT#1 to VOBU_ENT#q. Most of data described on this file RTR.IFO is saved in a system memory (work RAM in MPU 30 in FIG. 27). Those pieces of knowledge are successively recorded in file RTR.IFO within the aforementioned order. In the arrangement proven in FIGS.

To combat this downside of “time-consuming modifying in items of cells” and the like, synchronization information for audio information is supplied in AV information management info DA210 in FIG. This synchronization info is audio synchronization info proven in FIG. Cell video information includes data corresponding to the sort of video information of that cell, a compression technique , a stream ID and substream ID (main screen or sub display screen; used in multi-screen simultaneous recording/playback), a maximum transmission rate, and the like.

In gpt partition recovery , a label could also be printed on the entire surface of substrate 14 on the rear facet. 24 is a view for explaining modifications of the cell configuration, VOBU sequence, and the position of a free area shown in FIG. 22 upon completion of editing in FIG. 19 is a graph for explaining the relationship between the seek distance and search time of an optical head. eight is a view that exemplifies the inner construction of cell time information CTI shown in FIG. 6 is a view that exemplifies the hierarchical structure of information included in a video object shown in FIG.

Since the audio synchronization data is offered, even when multi-channel recording is completed using numerous sound sources , synchronization of audio signals among channels may be prevented from shifting. The playback time and order of cells designated by the original PGC info or user-defined PGC information are transformed into the addresses of VOBUs that kind every of cells to be played back by way of a table in time map info TMAPI in FIG. Even when the information structure proven in FIG. 30 is used on the disc/apparatus facet, this information structure is invisible to the user. The knowledge construction that the consumer can actually see is a hierarchical file construction shown in FIG. In the aforementioned set of VOBUs, VOBU#1 to VOBU#3 make up video object VOB #α, and VOBU#4 to VOBU#5 make up video object VOB#β.

Optical disc 10 has heart gap 22, and clamp areas 24 used to clamp optical disc 10 upon its rotation are formed round heart gap 22 on the two surfaces of the disc. Center gap 22 receives the spindle of a disc motor when disc 10 is loaded into a disc drive device . Optical disc 10 is clamped at its clamp areas 24 by a disc clamper throughout disc rotation.

6 might be defined under close to FIG. When this audio synchronization data is current, the number of audio samples is described in models of VOBUs in audio synchronization data in that information. Using this information , synchronization between video info and audio data or synchronization between channels of multi-channel audio data could be attained in units of VOBUs in each audio stream upon playback. Cell data common info accommodates a cell ID, the total time period of that cell, the number of cell data sets , a cell information set descriptor, a cell time physical measurement, and the variety of constituent VOBUs of that cell.

When time unit TMU is expressed by 600 fields in NTSC , the “computed playback time” with respect to time entry #j is given by TMU×(j−1)+TM_OSF. When the VOBU dimension is expressed by the variety of sectors, tackle offset ADR_OFS is used to indicate the entire size of previous VOBs in an AV file. In other phrases, “the time interval in a particular unit may be expressed by the distinction value of the clock counter in that unit”.

In convert raw to ntfs cmd , the VOBU dimension is set to match an integer a quantity of of ECC block size . Note that one VOB can form one VOBS in a traditional video program. In this case, a single video stream involves an end in one VOB. Edit management information DA213 contains control information required upon edit.